Website development

These days almost all Australians have access to the internet, and studies have shown that over half of all consumers research products online before making a purchase. This is why these days a website is a critical business tool.

The challenge of creating an effective business website is to identify what your customers are looking for when they come to your website and then deliver this information to the user as quickly as possible. Depending on your product and your customer, they could be looking for just your contact details, or your product rage, prices to compare to other websites, examples of your work or detailed specifications of your product. This creates the need for a balancing act between directing specific information to the visitor and providing them with more information than they can use, identifying the perfect balance is where Galactic Code can help.

If done properly a website can be the best value marketing investment a company can have. Whether you're looking to launch your company into the online domain for the first time or just looking for an upgrade on what you currently have, Galactic Code knows what makes a good website great and can make your website exceptional.

Content Management Systems

All Galactic Code websites are built using Content Management software. This provides an administration panel with simple tools to update and maintain your website, thus reducing maintenance costs and giving you full control over the content of your site. Galactic Code offers a variety of content management systems with different focuses and levels of functionality to provide the most suitable solution to your needs.


Joomla is a powerful and flexible platform that is suitable for almost any application. It has numerous add-ons available and supports a complex navigation hierarchy. This is suitable for the requirements of most websites.


Wordpress is focused on blogging and news content delivery, this makes it well suited to sites which focus around news style content. Wordpress is also lightweight and has many addons available than allow it to be extended into a full function content management system.


Drupal is similar to Joomla however it offers more flexibility for sites requiring uncommon functionality. This makes it useful for times when an out of the box solution just won't cut it.

The process

The process of having your website built is simple, you can input as much of as little as you like into the process. Generally the build process takes two weeks to a month and can be done entirely online via email. To start simply send us any branding such as logos or company colours, plus include any ideas you have or provide links to websites you like. Based on what you have provided a mockup will be produced for you to approve. The mockup can be revised if needed, then once you're happy the design will be coded and the website built. Once the site is complete you can add the content via the content management system and any necessary adjustments can be made.