Community development

Launching an online community is difficult, but if successful can prove to be a very rewarding venture. Galactic Code has community development experience that few other developers can offer which is crucial to give your community venture the best possible chance of succeeding.

Whether your topic is niche, general or your community is attached to your product, Galactic Code can integrate the best software to provide the perfect solution without compromise. Our complete community solutions include a blog style news platform and a community forum to provide users with everything they need to keep them coming back.



Wordpress is a powerful blogging and news delivery platform. It is highly customisable and easy to use. It is ideally suited for publishing content that will draw users to your forum.


MyBB is a fully featured stand-alone forum script, offering powerful post, user and administration tools. It is easy to use for both administrators and users and performs well under high load. It can be customised to suit any topic or scale of forum.